Ready for the Holidays?

Don’t you love the holidays?!

If you have the ‘bones’ of your dining room, guest room and living areas basically in place but could use a ‘freshening up’, have you thought about how a dramatic new centerpiece accessory or a new more season appropriate slipcover, pillow bouquet or floor mirror could create the gift of variety for you and your family? With a limited budget, have you lived with the same look year after year?
Let us guide you to easy ways to ‘sparkle up’ for the holidays on a dime!

And if the furniture ‘bones’ are not yet in place, there is still time to get the basics lined up for comfortable and tasteful spaces for all your warm family holiday activities. We will work within your time and money budgets like no one else! Many of our pieces are gorgeous one of a kind, ‘take it with you now’ type furnishing jewels…you just gotta see it all!

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