Did you get your Tax Reund?

Its tax time…and if you expect a refund, there are about a million ways you could use that windfall. If you consider an expensive vacation too extravagant for these times, how about a conservative approach- the ‘staycation’.

Recently, I observed a very excited couple spend many hours in the warehouse excitedly choosing some beautiful new furnishings. After an extended time, my curiosity got the best of me…I asked about their project and what they told me was so interesting:

It was their 20th wedding anniversary and the husband had told his wife that he wanted her to have a sum of money to go on a nice trip to celebrate. If she chose to spend the money in ANY other way, it was fine with him. It was hers to enjoy as she saw fit.

She smiled and said confidently “A trip would be great but after a week it would be over and done. If we use the money to update our home, we could both enjoy that for many years to come!”.

If you need a change, drop in and we will guide you through a feast of selection. You only go around once….you may as well enjoy your home!

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