A Whole New Year!

Welcome to a whole new year and a fresh start!


Now that we have finished washing the last holiday dish, removing the tree, taking down the lights and packing up the trimmings…the house may be looking a bit stark. With the kids back in school, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your space.


*Is it fresh and inspiring or a bit tired?

*Is it as practical and functional as it could be for your busy family?

*Could it be brighter, more comfortable and just plain prettier?


Perhaps consider a visit with an Urbanism designer to work within your budget and time frame to layout a plan for this year’s home interior updates.


Another great suggestion…. How about requesting a gift for Valentine’s Day this year which is calorie-free, shared by the whole family and way longer lasting than cut flowers? An Urbanism Gift Certificate will give you a nice start on that special selection which will get the ball rolling on the ‘freshening up’ your house needs.


Happy New Year!

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