Bring the indoors….out!

Only in Southern California can we eat dinner outside about 363 evenings per year. How fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful climate. No doubt that we pay a high cost of living to enjoy this moderate and fabulous environment. Because of this, price per square foot of local real estate is higher than usual. This makes it prudent and downright fun to dress our outdoor space as lovely as we do our interiors.

There are many ways to present a partially covered patio area with hanging canvas art and lighting, indoor/outdoor rugs, pillows and distressed and durable furniture. With the heartier materials such as metals, molded plastics and rugged logs and planks, it’s possible to succeed in making a charming use of that space which you didn’t pay as much for in the price of your home.

One of my new found hobbies is a pinterest board for ‘charming outdoor spaces’.’ Being more of a homebody than an outdoor adventurer, I love the option of simply stepping outside to find more space on a pretty day to read a book or share a meal. This is especially true when you live in a small beach cottage, or even a larger newer home with more outdoor spaces which are blank and lonely. If there is space in your home which is unloved, it’s easy to make a plan to warm it up. No matter how many cool spots in and around your dwelling, why not finish the design by addressing them all? Who wants wasted space as a part of his investment?

Some aspects of this effort that we need to accept:
*If it is outdoors at all, it will get dusty way faster than inside. Once you accept this, it’s easier to be willing to maintain it as you do the inside.

*If it is a completely uncovered area, it will probably require pulling out your best accessories on the day of your gathering. And is it ever worth it!!!! It’s smart and easy to have a ‘set’ of outdoor dressings which you can pull out, even on the spur of the moment. The next day they can be replaced in their storage box or bag until the next get together.

*Weathered appearances are a feature we often pay more for these days. If you are willing to look at this as an advantage (as intended), you can enjoy the outside more easily! Sunbrella outdoor fabrics and  much newer ‘Performance’ indoor fabrics are absolutely AMAZING. I have a navy blue set of cool rocker sofas in an uncovered patio and they are STILL fresh and as crisply blue as the day I set them out in the sun.

Stop by Urbanism any day and you will find brilliant girls here who can learn about your home’s ‘orphaned zones’ (and your budget) and help you make a plan to utilize all your precious unloved spaces…inside and OUT!!!
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