Everything Old Is New Again

I love the new, recycled, distressed, repurposed and perfectly delicious furniture and accessory items which are widely available now to adorn our homes and yards. Not only is it a wonderful time to dispense with waste and put value on well made, older items which can have a whole new life with a bit of tweaking….it is very romantic to consider that ‘If these items could talk, boy would they have wonderful stories to tell of days gone by.’

And many of the new designs are made to look old but there is no way to miss the cool and creative approaches which make them a ‘modern’ version of the original. One fun example of this is the old metal folding chairs we used to pull out for the potlucks at church or in the back yard at BBQ’s. The latest version of these chairs have a fat, solid wood block on the seat to give them a beefy and more furniture-like feeling than the old metal ones with the plastic topped square metal card tables to match. They are simply scrumptious but will immediately take you back to simpler times.

As I shopped for our warehouse floor recently, it was like walking back through my childhood, as I noticed metal garden chairs, Adirondack chairs, repurposed wine and olive oil bottles, repurposed barbed wire, old fans and old work benches…wagon wheels, ships wheels, old rice bowls, metal buckets, tires, burlap, rebar, wagons, oil can lids/mirrors, antiqued mirrors, old street signs and old doors fashioned into room screens and makeshift headboards. There is so much room now for artistic license and creative uses for everything.

This isn’t your Grandma’s furniture…or maybe it is!!! Come see our cool stuff for a tasty trip back through time. Fashion right now takes us all the way back there-

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