Frost your home!

One of my favorite movies features Matthew McConaughey as a young advertising exec who is tasked with devising a tag line for a source of fabulous diamonds and jewels. In one scene he says confidently ‘Frost yourself!’ as he invites the women at a black tie party to step over to a guarded table and put on their choice of beautiful diamonds to enjoy for the evening.

Recently when we purchased some large and very dramatic chandeliers for our shop and displayed them high in our warehouse, I was stunned by the beauty of the sparkling, shimmering way they ‘frosted’ our rusty, dusty warehouse. You have got to swing by and see them in person. They will take your breath away. Especially when you see our prices compared to your favorite mall furniture retailer!

Since we are a furniture shop and not a lighting store, I made a trip to our local and very popular light store nearby. When I walked in ….it was fun!! All the shiny goodies were just beautiful to behold. But after walking all the way through, and seeing all of their choices, I felt confident that what I am offering is like nothing displayed there…at all. What we have should be called ‘home furnishings jewelry’.

These items are absolutely objects of art. They are the centerpiece of the area from wherever they can be seen in your home. They are truly the frosting on your furnishings effort.

Remember, Urbanism is the place where you can buy cool stuff that you could NEVER justify buying from someone else. Stop in any day of the week to prove my promises! You gotta see this place.

Come frost your home!!!!!

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