I LOVE LUCY still fresh in 2015!
There is nothing like an old rerun of the best TV show of all time. When I see it I remember
a time when sharp lines, tight cushions and lime green screamed HOME SWEET HOME!
And now, with everything old being new again, we see condo models springing up all around
our shop and city with a way cool, mid century modern vibe. These bold furniture fashion choices shoot
my mind to Palm Springs, California, keeper of the key to restored original  ‘MCM’ architecture
with all the interior trappings to go with.
For the longest time ‘modern’ was a term that we Urbanites did not use. It simply did not apply to us.
Now it can’t be ignored and why would we want to?  Sometimes, the fashion in furniture feels to me like
it drags behind the warp speed of the ever changing apparel industry. Its time for some new choices
and boy do we have them for you! We still address many other style categories and lots of one of a kind options too.
It has always amazed me that people trade in their expensive cars about every 5 years, yet they may keep
an affordable and ‘good enough ‘ sofa for 15-20 years! A customer walked in here the other day and worked
to convince herself that she deserved a new sofa.  After all, she had taken care of her existing one and it “probably has
some good years of wear left.” Finally she stepped up and said “Life’s too short to live with a sofa you don’t love!”
Would you ever wear the same outfit every single day? Then what’s so different about the fashion in your home?
Your sacred private space where you spend most of your down time with those most important to you….
Give yourself permission to improve your quality of life once in a blue moon!
There is such a thing as furniture fashion too you know. 🙂
Please let us help you update your happy place. Whether its some new furniture or a room changing accessories package,
we have bright, fun girls here to come to your home and advise you on the options within your budget.
We call it a ‘Warehouse to You’. Ask us for the details.
 We are open every single day that you may get an inspiration!
Mid Century Modern, MCM

Mid Century Modern

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