Spring Color Fresh!

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Soon we will be celebratin’ the wearin’ of the green. As we approach St. Patty’s day, its a fun time to consider the colors that don our living areas.
Are they fresh and in fashion, or have they become a bit dated and worn? Do you even know what is fashion forward in home furnishings or do you need a little guidance in that area?

I have noticed that many times people change their vehicles more often than they freshen up their sofas and personal surroundings! Did your Grandma teach you that…”A good sofa should last for 30 years!”?

If you still feel this way, perhaps you may consider that changing it up occasionally can give you a whole new lease on life! One option for keeping things flexible and still getting good mileage from a furniture frame…opt for a slipcover style.

Slipcovers are now available in all kinds of sofa and chair designs. Even the most modern frame gives the option for a slip covering. With the purchase of the initial frame, extra covers with different textures and shades give you the ability to change it up a bit…like a cotton print in the spring, denim in the summer and a deep rich velvet or chenille in the winter. Even in Southern California you can create seasons in your interior space!

Ask our brilliant design team about your many options and give your home ‘a new outfit’ a few times a year! (Help it avoid getting ‘pinched’ for wearing the wrong color….)

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