Why does getting new furniture feel SO great?

It has been a landmark month for us because our youngest son has graduated and moved out. An empty nest for us!

And what is the first thing we did? We completely cleaned out the one extra bedroom in our small beach cottage, whitewashed it in a sweet smelling coat of fresh paint, and went shopping at Urbanism to make it a legitimate guest room.

No more locking the door when we have guests to hide the flophouse it had become…covered with scuff marks and boxer shorts, smelling like football gear and dirty socks….filled with letterman’s jackets and plastic trophies.

Now it is a shabby chic/beachy, breezy, hotel quality, B and B style charmer of a space. It’s a small room …and a quick once around the warehouse floor with one of our shop designers was all it took to collect a stunningly tall hand carved headboard, a hefty oval whitewashed leaning floor mirror, a one of a kind white carved Noir table which doubles beautifully as a petite writing desk and a white carved french chair with a burlap seat. Offset by 2 sweet squatty round, burlap shaded buffet lamps and a window framed in 2 puddled burlap end curtains surrounding fluttery white sheer window panels, the room is a literal breath of fresh air.

When the drivers arrived with my choices (which also included a white french end-of-the-bed bench, and a tall winged captain’s chair in a buff colored ticking cloth, behind a loosely sweater weaved grey pouf on the floor in front of it) it took only 15 total minutes for them to transform my empty white room into a stunning new showplace space in my little home.

Capped off with a quick crisp white duvet and 2 european pillow shams, 3 gorgeous jeweled taupe and grey down throw pillows, a furry grey throw for the foot of the bed and a sharp grey and white swirled rug afoot, I can hardly take my eyes off the space. I visit it first thing in the morning when I awake and kiss it good night at the end of the day before bed.

The fact is that people drive their cars for an average of about 5 years. Yet they keep their furniture for many many more years. From a cost standpoint, a new room full of furniture is a fraction of the price of a car. Do you think you spend at least half of your life in your home? My guess is that you do.

Why such a high over a fresh new space? I speak from very recent experience. Getting a fabulous new room is like your own personal Christmas! To feel happy and proud just to walk past it and just peek in …..or settle into it with your newest REAL Simple magazine (my fave), its kinda like a baby Caribbean Cruise!

At Urbanism, it is possible to do it today in one fell swoop. If you don’t know where to start…we do! Life is short. Get more of the good parts around you!

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